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Customer Reviews

Shotskies Electrical Reviews

We always love to hear from our customers because it helps us to continue to grow and improve. Our aim is to provide the best electrical service possible and it's our customers feed back that enables us to achieve this.

If you've already had the pleasure of dealing with Shotskies Electrical please leave a review via our Facebook page.

  1. Hannah Sandoval (Review via Facebook)

    "Steve is a great electrician. He was helpful in identifying issues with our older house electrics and getting them fixed within a reasonable time frame and price. There was a sense of genuine honesty and pride in his work (which can be hard to find these days!) and he is a very friendly person.

    I've even received follow ups from Steve to ensure everything is working as expected and if any issues have arisen (another service not usually provided these days!).

    We also needed electrical work which Steve was not able to do, and instead of leaving it at that, he contacted people in the area and secured us a Lvl 2 electrician, time and price for the work.

    I highly recommend Steve and his workmanship for residential property. I have already verbally recommended him to family and friends with him already commencing work for a family member who is (from what I have heard), very impressed also."

  2. Deaun Gawne (Review via Facebook)

    "Steve did a great job! He was very professional and great to communicate with. He made very little mess and then cleaned up after himself.

    I would highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely be using him again"

  3. Mathew Zammit (Review via Facebook)

    "All you need to know and all I can really say is....This guy got skills!"